Igor Fokin Memorial Sculpture Project
About the site and the committee:


This web site was originally developed by me. (Jim, of The Jim Show!) I am a variety entertainer and a Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall street performer. For three summers, I performed right across the street from Igor and watched his show hundreds of times.

The tribute and photo pages went online under my personal web site (www.smirk.com) in October of 1996, a few weeks after Igor passed away. After the Memorial Sculpture Committee got moving on the grant proposal and the sculpture project, we realized there needed to be information on the web and my site was the obvious place to put it. I hosted the Igor pages at www.smirk.com/igor until May of 2003. One day I was surfing around and to my surprise, I noticed no one had ever registered www.igorfokin.com, so I registered it and put all these pages on a new server where I will continue to host them. I maintain all content on the site. As news happens, I'll put it here. If anyone would like to submit content to me, I will put it up as soon as I can. (Contact info below.)

The Igor Fokin Memorial Committee
The Igor Fokin Memorial Committee formed in the spring of 1997 to try to establish a way to remember the contributions Igor Fokin made to the community of Cambridge and Harvard Square. We are simply members of the community who loved Igor's work and knew him and his family.

We are:
Jim Show - Boston/Cambridge Entertainer
Linda Chin-Workman - Cambridge community member
Slava Gaufberg, M.D. - Fokin Family Friend
Hafthor Yngvason - Cambridge Arts Council
Konstantin Simun - Sculptor
Plus several other members of the Harvard Square business community and citizens of greater Boston.

Contact: thejimshow@gmail.com

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